The importance of waterproofing your tiling installation

EZEE Tile Adhesives is at the forefront of tiling installation innovation. We are a reputable and forward-thinking organisation that strives to improve the aesthetic appeal of all tiling solutions for our clients.

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Bathroom Tiling Ideas

EZEE Tiles has a range of easy-to-apply products that creates a long lasting foundation for tile installation. In addition to that, our phenomenal range of tile adhesives incorporates the broadest line of adhesives that is suitable for a variety of finishes.

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All About Indoor and Outdoor Tiling

Tiling is a diverse technique that can be implemented to spruce up any area, indoors or outdoors. The indoors and outdoors are two drastically different environments with drastically different tiling requisites, though.

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Choosing the right tile for your room/house

When choosing the right tile for your room it is important to first consider basic design factors like the shape and purpose of the room you are tiling, which will determine the material of the tile you choose.

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How Can Grout Accentuate Your Tiles?

Whether you are designing a room from starch or revamping an already established space, the tile you ends up being the hardest decision to agree upon. The tile can either bring the whole vibe of the room together or you can completely lose your vision. The often-forgotten part of pick the perfect tile is the grout you use for cementing the tile to a surface. Most people don’t even realise that you get a choice of group type and color.

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Grout Failure

CTM & Pro Grip Competition Winner