How Can Grout Accentuate Your Tiles?

Whether you are designing a room from starch or revamping an already established space, the tile you ends up being the hardest decision to agree upon. The tile can either bring the whole vibe of the room together or you can completely lose your vision. The often-forgotten part of pick the perfect tile is the grout you use for cementing the tile to a surface. Most people don’t even realise that you get a choice of group type and color.

There is a whole world of options when it comes to the grout you chose, but to keep the process from becoming too overwhelming, you just need to consider which of these three styles, Match, Contrast, or Complement, you are going for.

The first, and most often chosen, is the matching grout. Like the name of the style implies, your grout colour matches the tile colour almost exactly or as close to as possible. This would be the best style to choose if you really want the tile to be the star of the show. When the grout matches the tile, the floor becomes one seamless design and lets the tile be accentuated the most. It doesn’t get broken up or have to fight for the eye’s attention. Depending on the color of the tile, having a matching grout color can also make the room feel and appear bigger than it actually is. That may not always be the look you are going for though, in which case, you have other options to consider.

The second option is the contrasting grout. This type of grout brings attention to the tile in a very different way. This is the preferred style if your tile has an interesting shape or details that would be emphaised by a bold outline. This doesn’t always make the room feel bigger or smaller but is something you have to consider. Your room will have the appearance of more dimension with a contrasting grout colour. If you have a relatively simple design for a room, adding the contrasting grout colour can make the room feel busy in the best way possible.

The final option is somewhere in between the other two. A complementing grout colour gives you the best of both worlds, it adds dimension without being too stark of a difference. You have more versatility with a complementing grout because the color doesn’t have to match perfectly but create harmony between your tile and the room. In a situation that most people find themselves in, having complementing grout colours allows them to have the tile of their dream and a bridge so they don’t have to compromise on the other elements of their space.

Designing a space for the first or the hundredth is always stressful. If you are at the point of picking a grout colour, that means you are in the homestretch. Enjoy those moments of creativity and don’t let a simple decision bother you forever. Picking a grout colour may seem like a small decision, but those often have the biggest impact.