The importance of waterproofing your tiling installation

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The core material of a tile includes the combination of glass and ceramics. These are susceptible to damage and prone to deterioration over time due to the fact of water accumulation and dampness, for example. Moisture elements can be seen as one of the detriments of the tiling installation process.

It should be noted that tile, stone and grout are not water materials. The water absorption capacity is not strong or durable enough to sustain the longevity of the tile. Other factors include shrinkage and movement of the structure of the tile which could result in voids, cracks and moisture penetration to the rest of the structure.

The installation specifics of the waterproofing process are applicable to most industrial structures and residential homes as high humidity, heavy moisture exposure as well as heavily saturated exposures are frequently involved. In addition to that, enclosed areas such as nearby indoor pools, kitchen and bathroom floors and walls also play a role in the potential demise of the tile.

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