Bathroom Tiling Ideas

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The bathroom is one of the focal points of a home or even in a public space of toilets. It is seen as the “emergent sanctuary”; so why not make this room one of the eye-catchers with these five trendsetting bathroom tiling ideas:

  1. Mix patterns and colours in unexpected ways

One outstanding way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a bathroom is to alternate between ocean blue tiles and green grass glass tiles to create an accent wall. This is a modern technique that breaks away from the traditional white and grey tiling techniques, which similarly blends seamlessly to create natural lighting.

  1. Incorporate marble slate finishes in your bathroom

Create a luxurious finish with tile-covered arches out of marble. Marble tiles that are surrounded y smaller marble components create a line arch. Popular marble colours include black, grey and white finishes.

  1. Put emphasis on the floor

The dimension of the bathroom is distinctly noted by the floor. Try wood or a detailed painted tile that has ceramic properties. In order to maximise the colour contrast of the entire bathroom, the floor should be a distinguished aspect.

  1. Create a divide between wet and dry areas in the bathroom

This may seem like general knowledge, but separating components such as the vanity, the shower and the basin truly ensures a flowing space in the bathroom. The trim options for creating a divide include hexagonal mosaics between the floor and the ceiling, thus creating a decorative border.

  1. Create a sense of cohesiveness and a focal point

Ensure continuity of the bathroom with the tiling mosaics in different shapes and sizes. Glass tiles could be tiled vertically to create the illusion of a bigger bathroom. It is important to note that using one tile mosaic gives the impression of a bigger space with more consistency.

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