Choosing the right tile for your room/house

When choosing the right tile for your room it is important to first consider basic design factors like the shape and purpose of the room you are tiling, which will determine the material of the tile you choose.

Ask questions regarding durability, like “Will the room be used often? Is it a formal space or a casual living area? What kinds of things will be coming in contact with the tile? Dirt? Water? Furniture? People? Pets? Kids?” Considering the functionality of the room along with the colour scheme will narrow down the range of materials and colours of the tile you choose.

Also consider the time-frame and budget within which you have to install your tile. Choose a bonding agent that dries more quickly, a tile that’s easy to install and not very breakable. Something user friendly.

Ezee Tile has plenty of resources to effectively carry out and assist clients with the tile selection and installation process. To aid in choosing the tile right for your room, Ezee Tile has a product selection guide with pages for specific areas in which the tile is being installed – like internal dry versus wet, and external – finishes, tile types, special preparation requirements, and adhesive and grout bonding types.

Regarding installation methods, whether you will be installing the tile yourself or doing it professionally, you will want to choose tiles and accessories to minimize installation time and cost. A list of common Ezee Tile FAQs can be found on the Ezee Tile website.

Ezee Tile also provides a list of products for surface preparation, offering a variety from ceramic and porcelain, to natural stone and glass mosaics, grout with a variety of colours and finishes to complement each person’s specific taste, and additives to enhance bonding strength, workability, and flexibility of adhesives to save time. All aimed to minimize the effort of installation, and lengthen the life of the tile.

Tile comes in all shapes, colours, and designs, but not every option is going to be suited to your needs. Choosing the right tile for your specific room can be an arduous process, but Ezee Tile aims to provide the information and resources necessary to help you every step of the way in your decision making process so you can have the ideal tile to make any room look good.